Silence and Anger

I have always been fascinated by the element of wisdom that Buddhist fables contain. Through the medium of simple narratives, they teach us to adopt a righteous path in life. They are tools of good guidance for children as well as adults.

There is one such story about a Japanese Zen teacher Bankei who refuses to adopt a stern approach to discipline his erring student. His other students are confused and get angry. They ask their teacher to immediately expel the transgressor. The wise sage then tells the monks that a person who cannot make good judgement is really the one who urgently needs right tutoring. So, he being their mentor, cannot expel the thief. Rather, he has to deal with compassion so that he can prevent the erring person from straying again. How else can he teach? The monks who were angry realize their own mistake now. The thief is enlightened too and repents. The story teaches us compassion. It tells us not to judge, but to help. What a beautiful story, isn’t it?!

I composed a Haiku poem based on the story.

Bankei is silent

Students murmur angrily

Thief a frightened mouse…..


Pensive silence breaks

“He who knows not right from wrong

Needs to see the light -“


Conscience awakened

Thief repents, monks realize

Silent – meditate….


Linking it toΒ Haiku Horizons Prompt SILENT

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28 thoughts on “Silence and Anger

    • HAHA…..Kaiku I don’t know…..I have been blogging for the past one year (just completed that milestone) so I thought that maybe it is The blogger thing….:P…..But jokes apart, when I tried this style, it kind of infected me. I want to attempt more in this genre. In fact, I like telling stories through a Haiku. It is a very sophisticated style and believe me, it provides a kind of inexplainable joy. Try it….

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  1. I think compassion is a must everywhere, funny enough every religion teaches that but we don’t learn that is the problem..

    Buddhism is a beautiful religion it is actually a WAY of life and that is what the difference. I have a very good friend who is a buddhist and this is how they live.. which is how it should be ..

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