Of Words Spoken , Appreciation Given and Liebster Award

On my way to the grocery store, I often cross a Chapel. The good people in the Chapel always leave a quote on their message board. It is big enough to be read by the people going on the road. I always manage to catch a glimpse of those messages. The other day, when I read those words, I knew they were going to stay with me for a long time.
Tongue is so light, yet who can hold it.
Such a terse statement and yet it held the key to human happiness. I read the statement and re-read it in my mind again. I repeated it loudly to my husband who was driving the car and to my two kids sitting behind. The thought was so simple and yet so profound. The discussion started and my son, who is soon turning seven, started questioning what it meant. I asked him why tongue is important to us. He said, ‘To taste the food’.
“What else?” I queried further.
He kept thinking. 
I asked him to hold his tongue with his finger and try speaking. 
He tried but could only utter meaningless sounds.
“Tongue is what helps you to speak.”
“And what you speak can hurt others or please them. The statement I just read meant that we should use our words wisely. When we speak in anger, that means we cannot control our tongue. It is an expression – a way of saying that we cannot control our emotions, our anger. So, always weigh  your words. Think twice before you speak.”
I don’t know how much he listened since he got busy with the new game he had discovered and my little daughter aped her brother in all aspects, this being no exception!
Yes, tongue, the primary organ of taste and also of speech is something that is perhaps hardest to control.
Language was something that evolved over the centuries due to a deep desire to communicate. And yet, the words that we use now often become the root of disruption. Words are associated with meanings and considered loaded with intentions. Words are often misjudged, misunderstood or simply abused. The connotations that a word may carry add to the complexity of problems. Words are bridges of communication and words are also tools that create bridges between two opposing parties. Words help us reason, and debate but words also make us unreasonable and hawkish.
It is thus imperative to control our tongue. To watch our words, to speak after much introspection, and to use words of applause rather than condemnation more often. Words that hurt often revert back to us with a greater force and give injuries that are long-lasting.
Try throwing a pebble in a lake. Throw it tenderly and you will see a gentle stir and a ripple that will spread out before it disappears. Now throw a stone with lot of aggression. It will cause a big splash that will smear you. Harsh words are like that stone that will stain you from inside. Words of wisdom and love are like that pebble that will create a ripple of positivity inside you and help you keep calm.
So choose your words wisely. Weigh them on the scale of peace and composure. Spread peace through your words.
buddha and anger
Speaking of words, I got appreciation when I was not expecting it. It is the Leibster Award nomination from a very active blogger Ritesh Moksana. The only barrier between me and his blog is the language. He writes mostly in Gujarati and yet he has been kind enough to choose me with the others. I want to extend my thanks to him for the same.
Now for the questions I have to answer

1 Is blogging a daily activity ?

If one considers blogging to be just writing, then no I don’t write daily. But blogging is much more than penning down one’s thoughts. It is also about building contacts, reading other bloggers and sharing information. These are things that ought to be done almost every day. Internet is a fast place and you can lose the race if you don’t stay on your track.

2, Which places most favorite to travel ?

I haven’t been much of a traveler. But short trips for the kids are lot of fun and I always enjoy that. Museums, parks and beaches are places where lot of memories are made and I really enjoy those trips.

3, How did you know about the way of blogging ?

One of my cousin had entered the world of blogging way before me. I used to read what she wrote and admired her skills as a writer. Then one day, to break away from the monotony of my life, I wrote down something (Untanned Feet)and shared it with my friends on Facebook. Then, after a few days, I wrote something again (Windows) and then again. Then, I thought of creating a blog that would be just me and my thoughts. And I started When I Stopped to Smell a Rose.

4, What other than writing hobbies do you have ?

I love to read and listen to good music. I also like to play a bit on my casio.

5, What is the most difficult things you faced in travel ?

Whining kids – my own…!…:)

6, Who is your favorite blogger ?

There is not one but many. The ones I am actively following these days are

Archana and Desh KapoorTomichan MatheikalManiparnaPurbaSaru Singhal, Alok SinghalSreedhar SirSomali ChakrabartiTennysonPrasanna DasariManishaIndrani GhosePrateek Kohli……The list goes on. I actually follow a lot of bloggers through Indiblogger.

7, Which things you always remember to go out side/shopping ?

I always carry stuff for my kids – small snacks, little picture books with crayons, and extra set of clothes for them…!

8, What is your most memorable moment during travel ?

Looking out the window of my car – looking at people who just like me are making memories. The smiles of my loved ones…!

9, What kind of writing you always prefer to read ?

Poetry, prose, inspirational quotes and stories.

10, Your favorite topic to discuss with friends/ relatives ?

Life and everything about life, and of course, kids…:)



  1. Thank the nominator
  2. Display the award
  3. Nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 new questions
  4. Answer the questions provided by the nominator
  5. Notify the nominees

I nominate all the above-mentioned bloggers for the award. The questions for them are:

  1. Which of your blog post in closest yo your heart?
  2. Who is your biggest critic?
  3. What is happiness?
  4. Which is the most inspiring thing you have read recently?
  5. Who is your favorite author/poet/writer?
  6. When it comes to appreciation, would you prefer a vote for your blog post or a comment?
  7. Walk at the beach or trip to the mall or a luxury cruise – what is your favorite kind of holiday?
  8. What are your thoughts about my blog or my style of writing?
  9. Is it easy to forgive or forget?
  10. Who is your best friend?

24 thoughts on “Of Words Spoken , Appreciation Given and Liebster Award

  1. It felt really great after being nominated here Sunaina, am thankful for that. And languages may be different, but the language of heart is always same. Nice post as always.
    Wishing you & your family a Happy Diwali 🙂

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