Sound Of Silence

What is true learning..?


book iiIn school, I used to hate studies because of the regimented time-table. In college, I tasted a bit of freedom but by then I had picked up the nuance of wrongly correlating learning with good results. In workplace, I was in a hurry to grasp quick and fast whatever my job demanded me to grapple with because for me that was the mantra of survival in the corporate jungle. Now, nearing the fag end of my non-illustrious career, I realize that I have learnt nothing. If only I could go back in time, erase the slate clean and start afresh. But given the present system of education of our country, which is nothing less than a grinding mill and a mass manufacturing factory, is there any chance that I will get initiated in the process of “rejuvenation” for one more time? The answer, of course, is a simple no. One…

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