The smartphone (r)evolution!

Which category do you fit in?

The Learning Curve

Smartphones have changed our lives. They has revolutionized the way we live, and many new breeds of people have ‘evolved’ because of this evolving technology. Some of these newbies are amusing, intelligent, while some are border-line crazy! Read some species that have made their way to the Top 5 list:

Expert Photographers – They are the ones to use their smartphones more as a camera. When I see a plate of food, I dig into it; but these folks take pictures from 10 different angles, post them and comments and likes follow. Few chaps think they have clicked a NatGeo award winning picture, while all others are admiring Kaka Chat Bhandar ki Chaat. Their hashtags are brand affiliated #Lumia #Galaxy6 #iPhonePhotography #Android; my personal favorite is #NoFilter. I wonder what is their ultimate wish – shooting the next Kingfisher Calendar Girls! …which, by the way, I will surely like and retweet 😛

Excuse-the-PhotographerSelfies Addicts –…

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