Lata Subramanian’s A dance with the Corporate Ton – Reflections of a Worker Ant

My first glimpse at the title of Lata’s debut book A Dance with the Corporate Ton filled me with anxiety. I wondered if the book would appeal to my mind. I imagined entering a clueless world dominated by finance and its correlates. The word ‘corporate’ conjured up an image of formally clad, high-heeled, ‘properly’-attired, ‘airy’ individuals speaking in a jargon unintelligible to me. The word ‘Ton’ reminded me of ‘automaton’ and everything it symbolized – automatic, mechanical, artificial, unemotional, rigid and unpliable. With so many misgivings, I started reading. But then, there was no looking back. I thanked my stars for having picked the book.


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5 thoughts on “Lata Subramanian’s A dance with the Corporate Ton – Reflections of a Worker Ant

  1. Sunaina, you have done the analysis brilliantly, not easy to review a book on management philosophy and corporate life with gender and political games that are played and how innocent employee becomes the pawn in such depth and diversity, you have covered every aspects of the employee and employer relationship in a corporate world. Having gone through those phases in corporate life, I relate those metaphors and those salient observations you have highlighted. Indeed the work is an ant and tries to learn the craft of climbing the corporate ladder and it is not simple and it is not easy for all, few manage to do so and do so with support and preferences in action by their bosses.

    I really liked some of your wonderful lines, to mention a few “Brands shine so brightly, they blind the eye”, widening gap between her ‘natural’ behavior and the highly polished coatings of corporate cultivation….
    Thanks for such an insightful and inspiring review, I will be checking it out and also will check out the review by Somali…somehow I missed out her review.
    Have a lovely weekend Sunaina.

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    • Thanks for the detailed comment Nihar. It is a well-written book, and I am sure you will be able to review it in a much deeper way. I hope you read the book and share your thoughts too. Somali’s is a great book to, with its flawless poetry and penetrating philosophy on life. I suggest you have a look at both of them. Thanks for reading my review. I have the habit of writing pretty long ones…:)

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      • Indeed Sunaina it was a lovely take by you and you have touched on various aspects of the corporate life, the lifestyle and I could relate in different scope of my engagement with companies. I will read it and share my thoughts. Somali’s book is a wonderful one and I have read it, yes her insight on life, nature and nurturing the beauty around us through Haiku and with such colorful pictures makes it a magical read.

        By the way I love such detailed review and you have done so nicely.


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