My Spark Will Burn Still

As natural as rain
As vibrant as rainbow
As diverse as the hues it spreads
across the horizon
Is my Love.
It is ‘different’, yes.
But so is yours too.
It is passionate, yes.
But so is yours too.
It is an eternal flame
Of belonging.
Just like yours
It is an undying promise
Of togetherness.
Just like yours.
It is different only in the same way
As you are different than me,
And your beloved different than mine.
Rest is the same.
Put on my shoe
Maybe you will understand the pain I endure
The agony I face
From you and your undiscerning likes.
Stand where I stand
Maybe then you will know what it means
To be a victim of harsh heartlessness.
Or maybe you will see that
Love is Love, no matter what.
Kill it not with your senseless hatred.
Slaughter it not with your callous ignorance.
You will only be tainted in return,
While my spark will burn still….
This poem is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the Orlando Massacre. My heart breaks to see such brutality let loose. I pray for those who have left this indifferent world. May their souls find peace. May the grieving families find strength in this difficult time.

20 thoughts on “My Spark Will Burn Still

  1. It pains the heart on the brutal massacre of human.lives be it anywhere in the world. The same mercy should be there for the animals too..the callous culling and such actions on them too should stop. Every creature has a right to live..
    The poem is a real dedication to the anguished souls..

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  2. This is so touching Sunaina. I am reminded how powerful emotions words can carry. Importance of life. As simple as it is. I wonder why people, no matter what the reasons are, disregard this.

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  3. Beautifully written . Quite heartfelt & heart-warming .Though Being an unprofessional new-comer , I can immune to this what u have tried to express in this article . I can feel every setback , mishap . Your article is a motivation for everybody who can sense this Titanic clashes sorta thing . The facts depicted are so vulnerable . Great post . Thanks for sharing it ! I would be glad if u visit me at aminfatma aswell:) ! Great day ahead ..

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