When I started writing, I primarily meant to pen down the thoughts I had on a regular basis. What started off as a hobby turned into a passion. Writing helped open a window to the world. This window helped communicate in an altogether different way. And I realized that I cannot work, read or write in isolation. I need to diversify what I am doing. And then it was a suggestion from my wise husband that made me create this blog.

The name as well as the idea behind this blog is my husband’s. And I have embarked on this journey. I intend to discover, learn and appreciate the goodness of my country, India. I see and hear people making disparaging remarks about what is wrong with India. Rarely do I see them lavish praise. And this bothers me a lot. We all know that there are two sides of a coin. But why do we fail to see both sides? Why do we dispraise and discredit a nation that survived through the oppressive phase of colonialism? Why do we forget the reforms done by great people? Or just forget about the great people – why do we overlook or remain ignorant to the steady changes people make at the grass root level?

Perhaps, it is easy to scream than take steps towards change.

I might occasionally rally against the things that bother me. But this blog is essentially about appreciation. My first post (https://meredeshkimitti.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/appreciating-the-goodness-of-life/) is about recognition. I do not aim to blindly glorify my country. I want to applaud the efforts of those who without pretense and arrogance serve the nation. These people set precedents for us. It is up to us to follow them.

We are free to choose our paths. Let us make wise decisions. Let us go in the direction of positive change rather than passive abuse.

Let us recognize the efforts of good people. These beautiful words by Mother Teresa might serve as food for thought

‘I alone can’t change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’

Let  us create ripples – of change, of betterment, of hope, of love.

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  1. Miss Sunaina,
    Thanks for liking my post and I appreciate that now more and more women in India are expressing their ideas via blog, also congratulating your husband for motivating you to write .
    I like your blog too, and some topics are very interesting like deep irrigating , topics like this usually female bloggers do not touch.
    Keep blogging ,TC


  2. Your thoughts expressed on this page have touched my heart. It is so true that we have got used to glorifying all that is wrong in our country. But then it happens in every country, I can tell you for sure. For eg people in Britain talk a lot about their failing Medical system – NHS. NHS is taking lives more than it is saving and it is difficult to get appropriate medical treatment there. So it is not just about India alone. It is refreshing to learn that you have focused energies on bringing out what is right with our country. Let positivity get spread to every nook and corner 🙂

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    • You are right. Each country has its issues. I will read more on NHS as I am not aware of that. Thanks for bringing that up. As for India, I just feel that what is happening to the public discourse is disheartening. In order to restore faith in the goodness that is there, we need to talk about it, sing about it, rave about it. Why just bad news all the time. Why not acknowledge little acts of kindness too. Right?!


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  4. India is a nation of critics not of appreciators. Criticism is our favourite sport and
    we play it with friends and relatives wearing that famous sport gear/dress/ mask,
    called “true friends” !!

    But surprisingly, there are no monuments built ( anywhere in the world) in the memory
    of great critics still we play this game only and continue to play….. but then….. may be
    it is because monuments are built to celebrate and appreciate and we don’t appreciate
    we are…..critics !!

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  5. I am with you on this journey as you find the simple beautiful things that makes our country the awesomeness that it is!! I agree with you on many of this points, people mostly say India is backwards, India has this problem or that but when it comes to saying positive things they seal their lips and put away their keyboards!! >.< I love India, its a diverse country with so much wonder!!

    Wonderful blog and may I say your husband's idea was wonderful!! Keep writing. 🙂

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  6. Hey Sunaina,

    Giving credit to your husband for the creation of this blog brought on a smile. My thanks to him that he encouraged you to do so… naturally, he saw you had it in you, and it’s commendable that he nudged you into action. 🙂 Best wishes.

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  7. Dear Sunaina,
    It has been such a joy to read through posts and I have been an avid follower of your blog since.. ahem.. yesterday! I must say I am jealous that you actually have your partner involved in this creative project, that is truly amazing (and praiseworthy!)
    I must say I would have never thought I would know other person who has seen the “The Red Shoes”, I was smiling reading your profile. But yes I was in profuse tears when watching the movie! you have good taste 🙂

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    • I like your candid confession…:)….and a heart-felt thanks for taking the time to read…..I don’t remember where I mentioned ‘The Red Shoes’….The one I meant was a short film made for children based on Hans Christian Andersen short story.


      • 🙂 its in your Blogger profile. There is a old movie (1948) about a ballerina with same name, The Red Shoes, based on the original fairy tale. This one is although quite a love story with jealousy, envy and all the entertaining stuff 🙂

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  8. Hey Sunaina, I so much loved the idea behind this blog.. We all talk, criticise and get back to work but rarely we try to make a change.. It’s such a great effort..there is lot to learn from your blog and lot more to unlearn the blame game, the criticism.
    Happy Blogging!!

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