Beautiful like Innocence itself…..!

Scattered Thoughts

1-pinic 193

“A flower was offered to me,”

The little girl, squalor glaring from her demeanour
Bare feet, shivering in cold
Came inside my earthly holy abode.
She was not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum
The Holy of Holies, my believers say, should be kept clean.
Bloviating the hubris and prejudice. 
No door opened with kindness, love, and justice.

“A flower was offered to me,”

By that little girl standing outside
Perhaps she fetched it from some garden, or, a roadside tree
The divine bond, she and me.
When the temple gates were closed for the day
The priests discovered with utter shock
That single flower was there to mock
The vanity and pride. 

“I was offered a flower…..”

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